JUBIZOL Unixil Finish Winter S

Siloxanized smooth render finish
JUBIZOL Unixil Finish Winter S


TOP CHOICE for residential houses and high multi-storey residential buildings with insulation made of mineral boards/ lamellas, EPS or XPS. Ideal solution for façades with combined insulation made of EPS and MW. It off ers stronger - intense shades also on a MW façade system.


  • It allows installation at temperatures from + 1°C to +15°C, and increased relative humidity of up to 95 %
  • Component B: JUBIZOL Finish winter additive 
  • Resistant to precipitation water ~24 hours after application 
  • Superior water-repellence 
  • Very good water vapour permeability 
  • Very good resistance to atmospheric loads 
  • Long-term resistance to infection with algae and mould.

Benefits for the investor / contractor

  • Work can also be performed outside of the standard installation season
  • Excellent long-term protection
  • Suitable for buildings without or with minimum protruding roofs
  • Highly durable on façade surfaces heavily exposed to precipitation
  • Possibility of installation at lower temperatures and increased humidity
  • Exceptionally easy application and treatment
  • An evenly grained surface of the applied render fi nish
  • It adheres well to all fi ne-coarse construction substrates
  • Longer pot life of treatment


Steel finishing trowelAirless spray gunMixingCircling smoothingTool cleaning with water


1.5 mm: 2,2 kg/m2

Drying time

  • until resistance to precipitation (hrs): ~ 24


Container 25 kg.


Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.

CE ETAG 004JUBIZOL - S (smooth)JUBIZOL- Energy saving system (transparent)
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Colour shades
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