Jubosan W110

Renovation precoat WTA
Jubosan W110


Jubosan W110 is a industrially prepared mortar mixture. It has the function of a precoat before Jubosan W120 renovation base coat or Jubosan W130 renovation render is applied. In combination it forms the 2k or 3k system for renovation of damp walls.


  • Good adhesion to the surface;
  • Reinforces the surface;
  • Levels out the absorption of the surface;
  • Connecting coat between the old and new surface;
  • Basis before applying the renovation base coat JUBOSAN W120 (under certain conditions, before applying the renovation render JUBOSAN W130);
  • Easy to prepare and apply;
  • Gray colour;
  • Provides exceptional results in renovation of damp and salt-laden walls.


ScraperSpecial trowelTool cleaning with water


7-12 kg/m2


Paper bag 20 kg


Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.


CE 998-1
0 kg
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