DECOR Beton look - the appearance of concrete

An interesting and fashionable appearance of raw concrete can be created with a palette of gray shades and the Beton look decorative technique.

Beton look
Tehnika "Beton look"
Preparation and manufacturing

Substrate preparation

  • Undercoating: the substrate should be dry, solid and without any oil stains and similar impurities.
  • Apply JUBIZOL Unigrund diluted up to 5 % to surfaces with a roller or a brush.

Application process


Mix a bag of 20 kilos of DECOR Beton Look with 4.4 - 4.6 litres of water.

After 10 minutes, stir again and add some more water if necessary.

Using a stainless steel smoothing trowel, apply the mixture in thickness that should be slightly larger than the thickness of the grains in the mixture (the surface of application is 6 - 10 m2).

Make a perforated structure into a fresh coat of the compound using a CREATIV roller and a decorative brush.

After 10 - 15 minutes, when the material is partially dry, remove the protruding fragments of the compound with a soft brush, smooth the surface lightly with a stainless steel smoothing trowel and let it dry.

Using a decorative glove, apply circularly SILICATECOLOR in the desired shade and 10% diluted with water.

Shortly after the application (when the application is still fresh), gently rub the paint in with a sponge, taking care not to remove it from the surface.

Let the paint dry for 6 hours and, if necessary, apply the second or third coat following the same procedure. In the case of one application, let the paint dry for 12 hours.

Apply DECOR Antique diluted up to 10% with SILICATECOLOR circularly using a decorative glove on a dry surface painted with SILICATECOLOR.  Let the surface dry for 6 hours. If you wish to emphasise the "blotchiness" and a stronger contrast between the base and the final application, apply two coats of DECOR Antique.

Information on the application conditions and specifications of the mentioned materials are given in the technical data sheets.

Tools and material


  • A stainless rounded smoothing trowel
  • A roller
  • A decorative glove



  • JUBIZOL Unigrund
  • DECOR Beton look
  • Silicatecolor
  • Silicate Primer
  • DECOR Antique
Beton look
Beton look
Tehnika Beton look
Beton look_Antique 010C Success 15
Beton look_Antique 010E Success 30
Beton look_Antique 020C Success 45
Beton look_Antique 030C Success 75
Beton look_Antique 040E Success 115
Beton look_Antique 050B Success 130
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