Façade insulation EPS for plinth and subterranean building parts


EPS-EN 13163 T1-L2-W2-S2-P4-CS(10)100-TR150-BS150-DS(N)2-DS(70,-)1-WL(T)2

TOP CHOICE for insulation of subterranean façade part of up to 5 m below backfill level 'below level 0', reveals, edges of reinforced concrete boards, lintels, balconies, substrate preparation for installation of Kulirplast.


  • Superior water resistance
  • Closed cell structure
  • Possibility of installation above and below backfill level up to 5 m 'below level 0'
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Minimum water absorption - measured according to EN 12087 ≤ 0.7 %
  • In most cases, a more affordable alternative to XPS
  • Same lambda for all board thicknesses

The benefits of installing

  1. Waterproof
  2. Reduces heat losses from the basement
  3. Dimensionally stable
  4. Due to strength, it is especially suitable for façade parts exposed to impacts
  5. Also suitable for flat roofs
  6. Maintaining characteristics even in extreme conditions throughout its life span
  7. Available in all thicknesses
  8. Short delivery time
  9. Economically and technologically optimal solution for lower parts of façades
  10. Closed cell structure
  11. Prevents damp penetration
  12. Possibility of deep anchoring
  13. Easy to sand
  14. Possibility also for subterranean parts of the building
  15. Exceptional dimensional stability even under extreme conditions
  16. Good cutting with EPS cutting tools
  17. High strength
  18. Exceptionally good adhesion of JUB adhesive mortars
  19. Specially adapted board surface for application of adhesive mortars



Technical data

  • Width / length: 50 / 100 cm
  • Board thickness: 2 to 25 cm
  • Density: 15 kg/m3
  • λ thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.037 W/mK
  • Fire protection class (EN 13501-1): E , in JUBIZOL system B-s1,d0
  • Water absorption < 2%
  • Tensile strength perpendicular to the surface: 150 kPa.


Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.

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