DECOR Pettinato - metallic shine

Applying the "Pettinato" decorative technique, you will create a specific and unique decorative appearance on the painted surface with cross strokes of a brush. Considering the desired final appearance, the Pettinato technique can also be combined with other techniques and tools thus creating an original and unique atmosphere. By the application of Decor Glamour, the surface gets a nice and noticeable metallic gloss.

Technique Pettinato

DECOR Glamour is available in 29 shades, presented in the JUB Favorite Feelings color chart.

Vsi barvni odtenki so zgolj informativne narave in lahko odstopajo od dejanskega stanja. Pri premazih z metalik izgledom na odtenek vpliva vrsta aplikativnega orodja, dekorativna tehnika in kot opazovanja. Svetujemo, da izgled odtenka predhodno preverite z izbrano tehniko in orodjem na manjši površini.
Preparation and application process

Substrate preparation

  • Undercoating: the substrate should be dry, solid and without any oil stains and similar impurities. Ensure colour equality of the substrate and undercoat it, if necessary, to achieve a uniform colour tone. Use white paint.
  • Smoothing the substrate: with JUBOLIN filler (JUBOLIN, P25 or P50) using a stainless smoothing trowel.
  • Sanding the surface: removing the particles by hoovering or a fine brush.
  • Impregnation: with AKRIL Emulsion (1:1 )

Application process

Suitable surface

All types of solid and fine smoothed wall surfaces and surfaces with well-adhered old applications of non-soaking dispersion paints. Surfaces must be undercoated. Use JUPOL Latex semi matt in the shade which is the most suitable for an individual shade of the Glamour paint. In the case of higher walls or larger surfaces, JUB recommends one application of Glamor directly to the wall surface using a brush in the desired pattern (without the use of a roller).

Wet application

Apply Glamour directly using a brush. Paint the processed surface with short strokes in different directions so that traces of the brush are markedly emphasised and strongly visible. Repeat both phases along the formed belt and keep repeating them until the entire surface is painted.              

Paint application

Apply two coats of the paint. The belts are joined "on wet" so that working contacts are not visible and the paint is applied in the same technique in both the first and the second coat.

Additional decorative effect

An interesting decorative appearance is achieved if a wet paint coat applied with a roller is structured with some other tool, e.g. a sponge, a plastic or steel painting trowel or a roller used to apply the paint. In all cases, a more or less relief surface is achieved with entirely chaotic or orderly strokes of a brush, a sponge and other tools, thus also achieving an individual and uneven shine due to differently intensive light reflection.


Tools and material


  • A long-bristle fur roller
  • A brush used for structuring the surface


  • JUBOLIN kit (P25, P50)
  • AKRIL Emulzija
  • JUPOL Latex semi matt
  • Glamour
JUB DECOR Pettinato
JUB DECOR Pettinato
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