More than 10,000 favourite JUPOL Gold colours

Spaces we live in can be enriched with colours, aesthetically arranged, and adapted to our own wishes.

It is also good to know something about colours so that we do not spoil the environment that we live in. Perception of colours depends on several factors: the colour shade, the size of the painted surface, the type of light and our general mood.



Colours affect the functioning of our mind and our emotions. We should focus on colours that bring beneficial effects.



The colour of the background, it creates the feeling of coolness and airiness.


It works best in kitchens with a dining room, living rooms, office (study) spaces and recreation rooms. It is not suitable for bedrooms; it invigorates the room, brightens it, and adds warmth.


Same as yellow, except that it is not suitable for studies, offices and bedrooms; it gives the feeling of support, friendship, it boosts self-esteem and stimulates appetite.


Most suitable for dining rooms since it promotes liveliness and sociability, and increases the desire for food; it is also often used in restaurants, children's playrooms, gyms, etc. It simply invigorates, enriches the space, but seemingly makes it smaller. It is not suitable for bedrooms, studies, workshops, classrooms, offices, hospital waiting rooms, etc.


Purple is suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, and rooms where we relax, meditate. It should be used for accessories and smaller areas as it brings calm and mental balance.


It is most suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, workplaces where nervousness, stress and tension are present every day because it calms and cools. It is not suitable for gyms and cold rooms.


It is suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, even studies, etc., mostly for rooms intended for relaxation. It creates a cool and airy space. It is not suitable for dining rooms, entertainment and recreation rooms, basements.

Find inspiration among more than 10,000 shades of your favourite JUPOL Gold paint.



If we are deciding upon a shade based on small slips from the colour chart, the colour may appear pleasant and likable on a small slip but when we paint a wall, a living room or perhaps a facade with it, this shade can be perceived differently.


If we select an intense/ saturated shade, it will appear even more intense on a larger surface, and if we select a very light shade, it will appear even brighter on a larger surface. It is therefore recommended to check the shades on a larger surface (at least 15x15cm, maybe more) before painting.



It should be taken into account that light itself has a great influence on the colour. By a careful combination of colours and light, we can illuminate all the dark areas in our flat.


In a room with good natural or artificial lighting, we can also afford to choose more vibrant or dark colour tones.  Even in a smaller room with good natural lighting, we can confidently combine darker or more vivid colour shades because the room will not seem cramped due to the abundance of light.



Colours have power because they affect our mood. Personal attitude of each individual towards colours depends on many factors including the person's character, age, gender, mood, fashion, etc.


Our current mood plays a big role in choosing a colour so we should choose a shade when we are calm and in a good mood. It is by no means good to choose a colour on the full moon or on a day when we are tired, nervous or stressed because we perceive colours differently on such days.


Colours are one of the most important building blocks of space design, both in the field of architecture and interior design, and they have a great impact on people. The rules of art theory and personal perception of each individual user both lead to the selection of perfect colour shades.

When designing a space, it is usually a combination of floor coverings, furniture, textiles, and accessories, and all these elements each boast their own colour tone. Walls offer by far the most freedom in selecting the perfect colour shade in comparison with furniture that is available on the market in limited colour versions. JUPOL Gold interior wall paint is available in more than 10,000 colour shades and you will surely find the most suitable one for your environment as well! Shades cover the entire spectrum of the colour wheel, they also vary in chromaticity, and tinting is possible according to the JUB Favorite feelings colour chart, the RAL and NCS colour charts, as well as with DIPI concentrates.

Do you wish an expert to help you choose the right shade? You can book individual counselling by an architect at the JUB Design Studio.



JUPOL Gold advanced


High coverage interior washable paint


For all more exposed interior spaces, where a superior aesthetic appearance of the painted surface is also required.


The JUB Home Painter simplifies the selection of colours and textures with typical  examples.
For any JUBIZOL ETIC system you decide to purchase, we offer a discount for the price of a colour study.
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