DECOR Madeira - the appearance of tree canopies

The "Madeira" technique helps us achieve the appearance of crisscrossed tree canopies in a forest, which is also included in the name of the technique as "madeira" means "wood" in Portuguese.

Technique Madeira
Substrate and application process

Substrate preparation

  • Smoothing the substrate: with JUBOLIN filler (JUBOLIN, P25 or P50) using a stainless smoothing trowel.
  • Sanding the substrate: removing the particles by hoovering or a fine brush.
  • Impregnation: with JUBOSIL GF or Silicateprimer.

Application process


Apply 2 coats of JUPOL Bio silicate with a roller in the interior and use Jubosilcolor silicate for the exterior. The surface should be dry, solid and without any oil stains and similar impurities. Ensure colour equality of the surface. Use a white colour shade, but some other colour shade can also be used (more demanding). In this case, it is necessary to take into account that the Antiqua shade is at least 2 shades darker according to the JUB colour chart than the JUPOL Bio silicate underlying shade.

Application of Antique with a decorative glove

Apply in 2 coats. The first application can be diluted with water up to 10 %. Apply it onto the surface with a decorative glove and create the pattern of a blotchy surface with circular strokes.


Tools and material


  • A roller
  • A stainless smoothing trowel
  • A stainless trowel
  • A decorative glove


  • DECOR Antique
  • JUPOL Silikat
  • JUBOLIN kit (P25, P50)
DECOR Madeira
DECOR Madeira
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