DECOR Travertino nivelin D - the appearance of brick

The Travertino nivelin D technique helps us achieve the appearance of brick.


Technique Travertino Nivelin D
Preparation and application process

Substrate preparation

  • The surface should be dry, solid and without any oil stains and similar impurities.



Application process

1. Using a smoothing trowel, apply JUBOGLET Nivelin D in thickness of ~ 3-4 mm (process the maximum of 0.5 m2 of surface at a time).


2. Create on a still fresh application using a decorative brush the appearance of holes that should not exceed 1/3 of the entire surface. This is done in horizontally wavy passages.


3. When the material is partially "tightened", level it with a stainless smoothing trowel, while ensuring that not too many holes are filled.       

4. When the surface is touch dry and, at the same time, still soft, form a pattern of stone blocks by "cutting" into the surface of JUBOGLET Nivelin D. Make vertical and horizontal lines with the help of a levelling moulding and a notch tool. If the pattern is damaged, it can be repaired with an additional application of JUBOGLET Nivelin D. 

5. When the material is completely dry, apply onto it DECOR Antique with a brush, remove the excess of it and rub the remainder into the surface.

Tools and material


  • A brush
  • A smoothing trowel
  • A decorative brush
  • A notch tool
  • A rounded trowel
  • A stainless rounded smoothing trowel


  • JUBOGLET Nivelin D
  • DECOR Antique

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