Waterproofing balconies and terraces

Balconies and terraces are often integrated into buildings, so equipping them with adequate waterproofing is a precondition for ensuring the long life of the whole building. In addition to insufficient pitch, inadequate waterproofing is the main cause of problems associated with leaking into the concrete floor screed. Consequences include: peeling lining, peeling plaster, plaster falling off and a peeling facade on the bottom or front side.

The HYDROSOL system is an effective solution for the long-term protection of balconies and terraces.

System components:


Stage Product

SanaRepairing or reinforcing corners: JUBIZOL angle bead and JUBIZOL adhesive mortar


Primer: Jukol Primer


Waterproofing: 1st layer: Hidrozol Elastik


Waterproofing: Hidrozol sealing strip


Waterproofing: 2nd layer: Hidrozol Superflex or Hidrozol Elastik (the 1st layer is not required when using Hidrozol Superflex) + JUBIZOL reinforcement mesh


Waterproofing: 3rd layer: Hidrozol Superflex or Hidrozol Elastik


Ceramic tiling: Akrinol Elastik, Akrinol Flex


Grouting: Fugalux

For details on installing waterproofing and ceramic tiling, please refer to the Brochure.

Prikaz vgradnje hidroizolacije na terasi
Prikaz vgradnje hidroizolacije na terasi
The JUB Home Painter simplifies the selection of colours and textures with typical  examples.
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