Colour of the year 2023

Inspiration from nature and having our planet in mind led the selection of JUB’s colour of the year 2023. Its story arises from the defined mission: to reduce waste, to recycle more, to reuse raw materials and thoughtfully care for our environment. Freedom 520D – a sky blue colour shade – has thus become the star of the year 2023.


Create a shelter in your home and in your heart. Touch the sky, feel nature, and redefine your home. We want to turn our home into a safe haven where we can relax, forget the stress of the working day and enjoy a high-quality living environment and time with our family.



By intertwining different blue or similar tones from the cool spectrum of the colour scale (e.g. green, turquoise) on furniture patterns, wall papers or in decorative accessories such as curtains, carpets, pillows, ceramics with retro patterns and indoor plants, we achieve a calming effect and we break the monotony.



By adding complementary warmer tones (fir instance, gold, yellow, orange), such as robust wood, woven rattan textures, matt brushed metals in warm colour tones – brass and copper, fabrics of fire and sunny colour shades, we bring more variety and dramatic effects into the ambiance.


Newly created and used natural pieces add a richness of feeling and timeless quality to your space.   




Nature gives us life, so let's preserve it. Creating a pleasant living space for moments that support you in life is key for us. At JUB, with the obtained EU Ecolabel certificate, which takes into account the entire life cycle of the product (LCA) and ensures the reduction of its impact on the environment, we support sustainable development for our planet – our home. Nature is not only a source of inspiration, it is life. We kept it for you in sky blue.






The JUB Home Painter simplifies the selection of colours and textures with typical  examples.
For any JUBIZOL ETIC system you decide to purchase, we offer a discount for the price of a colour study.
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