DECOR Aurora - the appearance of a stone

The AURORA technique allows us to achieve the appearance of a stone in which small uneven parts and voids on the surface are visible. On the surface, the marble stone gloss passes to traces of metal admixtures. Locally, it resembles agate or the Aurora natural marble from which also the name of the technique is derived. A great sense of depth can be felt on places where smoothing is very intense. Only traces and gentle outlines of the pattern are visible on places where the surface is matt; they can be filled with JUB Décor Glamour.

Technique "Aurora"
Preparation and manufacturing

Preparation of surface

  1. Applying an undercoat: the surface should be dry, solid, without any oil stains and similar impurities. Ensure colour equality of the surface and apply an undercoat, if necessary, to achieve a uniform colour tone of the surface. Use white paint.
  2. Smoothing the surface: with Jubolin filler (Jubolin, P25 or P50) using a stainless smoothing trowel.
  3. Sanding the surface: removing dust particles by hoovering or a fine brush.
  4. Impregnation: with Akril emulsion (1:1).

Manufacturing process

Application of Marmorin

With mixed strokes of the brush, in a relief manner. Stroke length is 5-10 cm. Coat thickness ~2-3 mm. Apply Marmorin from the upper left corner of the wall towards the bottom right corner.

Levelling of thickness

Very gently while it is still moist using a smoothing trowel. The surface has already absorbed a part of the liquid thus thickening the surface application of Marmorin. Carefully smooth the parts of Marmorin that are standing out the most and do not fill the entire surface.

Application of JUB Décor Glamour

when the application is dried well, apply JUB Décor Glamour with a smoothing trowel in such a way that the paint gets completely in contact with the surface. The angle between the smoothing trowel and the surface should be between 30° and 45°, and the friction should be great. Smoothing should be done at the same time as the application, while the surface is wet; this creates a much more distinctive colour shade and a greater sense of depth.

Tools and material


  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Stainless rounded smoothing trowel
  • Stainless trowel


  • Marmorin
  • JUB Decor Glamour
  • Marmorin emulsion
  • JUPOL Gold
  • Akril emulsion
  • Jubolin filler (P25, P50)

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