DECOR Moonlight

The decorative technique providing a velvety effect that will enrich your office and living space. A gentle and sophisticated effect on your walls will not leave anyone indifferent. It will fit perfectly into modern as well as more rustic interiors.

The beautiful 80 colour shades as well as two application techniques will surely satisfy even the ones with the most demanding taste. The Moonlight technique with a more emphasised structure will ensure your interior a special creative mark.

Technique Moonlight
DECOR Moonlight
Preparation and application process

Substrate preparation

  • The substrate should be solid, dry and clean, without any badly-adhered particles, dust, oil stains and other dirt.
  • Smooth the substrate with a levelling compound from the JUBOLIN family. Let them dry for 12 hours. Sand the dried application and remove dust from it.

Application process

Application of DECOR Primer (smooth)

Apply 2 coats of DECOR Primer (smooth) diluted with 40 - 50% of water using a roller, a brush or an airless device. Let it dry for 4 - 5 hours. Sand the dried application and remove dust from it.


Application of DECOR Cashmere

Using a plastic trowel, apply DECOR Cashmere in the desired shade (on JUMIX mixing machines according to the DECOR Cashmere colour chart (JUH)) on a dried application. Apply the material in all directions. Let it dry for 6 - 8 hours.








Apply the second coat of DECOR Cashmere with a plastic trowel by tapping, so to speak, the decorative material unevenly into the already dried first coat.




Glajenje strukture


Ko material deloma zasuši, pričnemo gladiti z lopatico.

Tools and material


  • A roller
  • A plastic smoothing trowel


  • DECOR Primer (smooth)
  • DECOR Cashmere
DECOR Moonlight
DECOR Moonlight
DECOR Moonlight
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