The most technologically advanced facade system


It is intended for thermal protection of passive, low-energy and more prestigious buildings, where we want to install the most sophisticated JUBIZOL facade system. The high water repellency and lower absorption of dirt, which are the result of nanotechnology results, enable the use of the system also on the façade surfaces of tall buildings exposed to precipitation. However, if you opt for the »Advanced« solution and choose JUBIZOL Aerogel finish for the final plaster, which is based on hybrid technology, which combines the advantages of carbon and basalt fibers and contains light filler and Aerogel additives, you undoubtedly get the most technologically advanced facade system. which stands out for its above-average insulation efficiency, strength, durability and resilience.

Advantages of the system:

  • Technologically advanced materials provide superior system characteristics, for which we offer a minimum 25-year warranty on thermalphysical properties of the system
  • Self-cleaning properties and water repellence of the finishing coat provide long-term unchanged façade appearance, also in urban centres
  • High water vapour permeability
  • Long-term resistance to infection with algae and mould



  • For all types of wall surfaces and the most demanding exploitation conditions;
  • For thermal insulation of new and thermal refurbishment of existing residential, business and other buildings of up to 22m of height or new, low, modern and prestigious residential, business and other buildings with no or minimum protection of façade surfaces against rainfall, and for thermal refurbishment of existing buildings of the same kind, also in heavily polluted environments;
  • System type with mineral wool lamellas for all types of public and business buildings (nursery schools, schools, hospitals, residences for the elderly) requiring increased fire protection and for thermal refurbishment of buildings of the same kind;
  • For thermal insulation of new residential buildings taller than 22 metres and for thermal refurbishment of buildings of the same kind
  • The lamella system type ensures good sound insulation.

JUB has received the European Technical Approval (ETA) for the JUBIZOL Premium system.

JUBIZOL Premium - composition:





Insulation board

JUBIZOL EPS-F-G2 (graphite with holes)

Lamellas or boards made of mineral wool for contact facades



JUBIZOL Ultralight Fix or JUBIZOL Adhesive mortar


Base coat

JUBIZOL Ultralight Fix or JUBIZOL Adhesive mortar



JUBIZOL Facade mesh 160 g/m2






Silicone smooth render 1.5 mm

Silicone smooth render 2.0 mm

Silicone trowelled render 2.0 mm

Nanoxil G 1.5 mm

Nanoxil G 2.0 mm

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Colour chart

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The JUB Home Painter simplifies the selection of colours and textures with typical  examples.
For any JUBIZOL ETIC system you decide to purchase, we offer a discount for the price of a colour study.
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