AKRINOL Super grip

Special primer for smooth and nonabsorbent surfaces
AKRINOL Super grip


TOP CHOICE for smooth and non-absorbent surfaces where superior grip (ceramic tiles, metal, bitumen glass, latex paint, OSB boards) is required.


  • It significantly increases the coarseness of substrate
  • Contains fibres
  • It improves adhesion
  • It equalises the surface
  • Quick drying

Benefits for the investor / contractor

  1. It saves time and money when renovating ceramic linings
  2. Filling micro cracks
  3. Constant mixing is not required (does not separate)
  4. Enables quick application of the next coat
  5. Exceptional efficacy
  6. Enables application on the most demanding surfaces
  7. Multipurpose use


BrushRollerMixingTool cleaning with water

Average Consumption

  • 100 - 150 g/m2


  • Plastic containers holding 2 and 18 kilos


Drying time, suitable for further
treatment (h)
~ 4
Drying time to achieve resistance of
the surface to being washed out by
precipitation water (h)
~ 24
Water absorption W24 (kg/m2h0.5) W3
Adhesion (MPa) > 2


Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.

AKRINOL - Sticking on excisting tilingAKRINOL - Microfibres inside
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