Surprising ideas for painting walls

Architect Nina Štajner says that changing the colours of the walls is one of the easiest and most affordable manners of quickly refreshing your home. All we need for painting walls is a free afternoon, a protective foil to cover the furniture with, a roller, a brush, a masking tape and, of course, a new paint. Those of us who regularly follow trends in the field of interior design notice that colour commandments change practically from season to season, and the easiest way to follow them is to choose JUPOL Trend wall colours. JUB has just launched a refreshed collection of JUPOL Trend colours, which is now boasting 18 new pre-prepared shades in the latest fashion as well as the renewed packaging. One container suffices for about 20m2 of wall surface, and the paint looks really beautiful after only one application. DIYers will also be delighted with the fact that JUPOL Trend paints are already completely prepared for immediate use

When deciding on a stylish home update, we usually want as many changes as possible with as little effort as possible. Painting the entire space may sound like a slightly more demanding project, so we should rather think about painting smaller areas, but it is not necessary to limit ourselves to painting just one wall, etc. We should let our imagination run wild and allow ourselves to be a little bold. For this purpose, Nina Štajner has prepared some more extravagant ideas, with the help of which you can only partially paint the walls and thus breathe new life into your space. Nina Štajner has shared a little secret with us: a single container of your favourite JUPOL Trend shade is enough to implement most of the following ideas.

In a larger common living space individual functional zones can be separated by the help of wall paints. The photo shows how an office corner in the living room is highlighted by a blue painted wall.

Instead of painting the whole wall, we can paint only a part of it and thus create a truly artistic painting. The yellow circle from the photo resembles the sun and brings liveliness into the bedroom.

Surfaces of dark colours that are too big weigh down the room and seemingly make it smaller. If you still want darker colours in your room, you can opt for painting stripes on a wall. Lines of different thicknesses break the monotony, and it is important to keep in mind the rule that vertical lines optically make a room higher and narrower, while the horizontal ones lower and widen it.

A space equipped with neutral aesthetics can be completely changed by fresh wall colours. A combination of pink and orange walls adds playfulness and warmth to a Scandinavian-looking dining room.

A part of the wall that is more exposed to wear and tear should be painted with a darker paint, on which smaller scratches and dirt are less visible. An incorrect finish of the colour line emphasises the rebellious character of the space.

Large quantities of strongly chromatic colours quickly become too dominant and irritating for the eyes. Therefore, we should apply them to our home in smaller quantities and use them to paint only parts of walls. To ensure the unity of the environment, we should choose shades that are compatible with furniture elements.

A paint shines in a completely different light on surfaces with different textures. For a surprising effect, we should paint both - a smooth wall and a textured brick wall - with the same colour shade, and for wooden floors, we should look for JUBIN Decor universal wood topcoat in a matching shade.

When designing rooms, we often tend to forget the ceiling surface. Why wouldn't we play with an interesting colour or a combination of several shades on it?

In the case of more vibrant colour tones, even smaller colour surfaces, such as, for example, the colour line above the door frame, have a big effect!

When family members cannot agree on a single colour, they can opt for a combination of several compatible colour shades.

More interesting content by the architect Nina Štajner can be found on her Kitchy World blog.









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