DECOR Rust - the appearance of rust

Nature, sophistically captured in the DECOR techniques, conjures up a noble and unique appearance of a home. By play, imagination and the choice of the right tool and shades, top-quality works of art which are created with DECOR products give the home a unique mark. Attractive and modern look. Expression of individuality/creativity. A wide selection of exclusive shades.

Technique Rust
Tehnika "DECOR Rust"
Preparation and application process

Substrate preparation

  • Undercoating: the substrate should be dry, solid and without any oil stains and similar impurities. Ensure colour equality of the surface. If necessary, undercoat it to obtain a uniform colour tone. Use JUPOL Gold (020A).
  • Smoothing the substrate: DECOR Relief base / JUBOLIN P 50 Extra fine using a stainless smoothing trowel.
  • Sanding the substrate: removing particles by hoovering or a fine brush.
  • Impregnation: with AKRIL Emulsion (1:1 ).


Application process



Coat the surface with a thin coat of DECOR Marmorin (020A) using a clean, stainless smoothing trowel. The thickness of DECOR Marmorin on the smoothing trowel is ~0.5 mm. Lay the smoothing trowel gently and flat on the surface. With circular strokes, DECOR Marmorin which has been applied to the smoothing trowel spills slowly onto the surface in the form of irregular spots. While doing this, do not press and smooth.






Distribute the still fresh (wet) DECOR Marmorin with a small (10 cm) foam structural roller across the surface with vertical and horizontal strokes.




 This is immediately followed by an additional application of DECOR Marmorin 020A with a large (18 cm) foam structural roller. Distribute this application with vertical and horizontal strokes across the entire surface.

After 10 - 15 minutes, repeat the procedure with DECOR Marmorin (820 C).



After 2 - 4 hours, apply JUBIN Metal (6408) to the surface with a small and large roller, taking care that the applied coat is not covering, but mottled.



Apply the last coat - DECOR Marmorin (290 A) - using a small and large structural roller, so that no traces of the roller can be seen. The amount of application depends on the desired intensity of the appearance of rust.



Tools and material


  • A stainless smoothing trowel
  • A stainless trowel
  • A structural foam roller
  • A roller
  • A spray


  • JUPOL Gold
  • DECOR Relief base / JUBOLIN P 50 Extra fine
  • AKRIL Emulzija
  • DECOR Marmorin
  • JUBIN Metal

Tehnika "DECOR Rust"
Tehnika "DECOR Rust"
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